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Scientia Pharmaceutica

Volume 74 (2006) | Issue 4

Original Papers

Beneficial Interaction of Thymoquinone and Sodium Valproate in Experimental Models of Epilepsy: Reduction in Hepatotoxicity of Valproate
Muhammad Raza, Abdullah A. Algasham, Mohammad S. Alorainy, Tarig M. El-Hadiyah
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Chitosan Beads as a New Gastroretentive System of Verapamil
Alaa Eldeen B. Yassin, Ibrahim A. Alsarra, Abdulah M. Al-Mohizea
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Antimicrobial testings, gas chromatographic analysis and olfactory evaluation of an essential oil of hop cones (Humulus lupulus L.) from Bavaria and some of its main compounds
Leopold Jirovetz, Stefanie Bail, Gerhard Buchbauer, Zapriana Denkova, Alexander Slavchev, Albena Stoyanova, Erich Schmidt, Margit Geissler
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Constituents from the leaves of Crataegus davisii Browicz
Ulaş Sözer, Ali A. Dömnez, Ali H. Meriçli
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Development of bioadhesive chitosan gels for topical delivery of lidocaine
Jaleh Varshosaz, Fariba Jaffari, Sara Karimzadeh
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