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Volume 85 (2017) / 4 issues: € 240.– + 10% VAT + pp
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German language clients may use the "Online-Shop" of "Österreichischer Apothekerverlag" or send an e-mail to 

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Please note the print publication dates (end of each quartar): Issue 1: March 30th, Issue 2: June 30th, Issue 3: September 30th, Issue 4: December 30th. Issues are typicall dispatched 2-4 weeks prior to official print publication date. However, due to slow mail delivery for some foreign countries (1-5 weeks) missing issues should be claimed after 6 weeks at the earliest.

Accessing Backfile-Articles

Articles not yet available online on may be ordered at

  • SUBITO – Document Delivery Service provided by German, Autrian, and Swiss Libraries
  • CAS DDS – Chemical Abstracts Service Document Detective Service
  • REFDOC – Institut for Scientific and Technical Information (France)