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Scientia Pharmaceutica

Volume 83 (2015) | Issue 2

Original Papers

Pharmaceutical & Analytical Chemistry

Synthesis and Anti-Platelet Activity of Thiosulfonate Derivatives Containing Quinone Moiety
Khrystyna Bolibrukh, Svyatoslav Polovkovych, Omar Khoumeri, Tetyana Halenova, Irina Nikolaeva, Olexiy Savchuk, Thierry Terme, Patrice Vanelle, Vira Lubenets, Volodymyr Novikov
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An Alternative Approach to Isoganciclovir: A Prominent Impurity in the Antiviral Drug Ganciclovir
Dhanraj T. S. S. Sundaram, Anand G. Kamat, Koilpillai Joseph Prabahar, Peruri Badarinadh Gupta, Battula Venkateswara Rao, Sanasi Paul Douglas
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Molecular Docking Studies of Phytocompounds From Phyllanthus Species as Potential Chronic Pain Modulators
Atul R. Chopade, Fahim J. Sayyad, Yogesh V. Pore
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A Validated HPLC/MS Limit Test Method for a Potential Genotoxic Impurity in Cilostazol and its Quantification in the API and in the Commercially Available Drug Product
Luigi Bray, Luca Monzani, Enrico Brunoldi, Pietro Allegrini
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Development of a Stability-Indicating Stereoselective Method for the Quantification of Enantiomer in Drug Ssubstance and Pharmaceutical Dosage form of Rosuvastatin Calcium by Enhanced Approach
Gangireddy Rajendra Reddy, Papammagari Ravindra Reddy, Polisetty Siva Jyothi
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Forced Degradation Behaviour of Fluphenazine Hydrochloride by LC and Characterization of its Oxidative Degradation Product by LC–MS/MS
Kashyap N. Thummar, Dilip J. Ghava, Anvi Mistry, Ashish Vachhani, Navin R. Sheth
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Development of a Forced Degradation Profile of Alosetron by Single Mode Reversed-Phase HPLC, LC-MS, and its Validation
Yamjala Karthik, Basuvan Babu, Subramania Nainar Meyyanathan
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Validated Stability-Indicating RP-HPLC Method for Estimation of Degradation Behaviour of Organic Peroxide and Third Generation Synthetic Retinoids in Topical Pharmaceutical Dosage Formulation
Chinmoy Roy, Lalatendu Panigrahi, Jitamanyu Chakrabarty
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Pharmacology & Clinical Pharmacy

Rapid, Cost-Effective Pre-Clinical Method to Screen for Pro- or Antiarrhythmic Effects of Substances in an Isolated Heart Preparation
John Joseph Borg
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Pharmacognosy & Phytomedicine

Screening of Panamanian Plant Extracts for Pesticidal Properties, and HPLC-Based Identification of Active Compounds
Niels Guldbrandsen, Maria De Mieri, Mahabir Gupta, Tobias Seiser, Christine Wiebe, Joachim Dickhaut, Rüdiger Reingruber, Oliver Sorgenfrei, Matthias Hamburger
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An Efficient, Robust, and Inexpensive Grinding Device for Herbal Samples like Cinchona bark
Steen Honoré Hansen, Else Holmfred, Claus Cornett, Carla Maldonado, Nina Rønsted
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FT-IR Method for the Quantification of Isoflavonol Glycosides in Nutritional Supplements of Soy (Glycine max (L.) Merr.)
Katharina Mulsow, Juliane Eidenschink, Matthias F. Melzig
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Pharmaceutical Technology & Biopharmaceutics

Influence of Ethanol as Co-Solvent in Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complexation: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Kanokthip Boonyarattanakalin, Helmut Viernstein, Peter Wolschann, Luckhana Lawtrakul
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Suppression of IgM Proteolysis by Conformational Stabilization Through Excipients
Monika Mueller, Maybelle Q. T. Loh, Pete Gagnon
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